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"Second International Conference on Sustainable Religious Tourism - Commandments, Obstacles & Challenges", Lecce-Tricase, 26-28 ottobre 2012

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The Second International Conference on Sustainable Religious Tourism- Commandments, Obstacles and Challenges focuses on the relationship between religious tourism and its host environment.

The Congress aims to launch a debate on the theoretical and practical aspects of these relations, considered on a transversal and multi-dimensional level, with reference to case studies. It seeks to gather practical indications that may facilitate the planning, promotion and management of religious tourism in a way that respects cultural heritage and benefits all stakeholders and the involved interested parties.

Promoting religious tourism also entails drawing up a synergistic plan for the study and recovery and effective usability of the various religious monuments and places of worship, with care taken to ensure the involvement of the ecclesiastical communities and local government. Moreover it creates a range of quality goods and services and establishes a link between religious tourism and other economic activities.